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Synapsis Workstation for ECDIS

Anschütz offers advanced ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) functions for safe and simple voyage planning and route monitoring.

Synapsis ECDIS provides a clear presentation of all information needed for safe route monitoring and anti-grounding control. Its intuitive operation is supported by offering easy-to-operate menustructures (known from Windows applications) and comfortable server functionalities.

Route planning becomes simple and efficient with the new automatic route planning function and with the optional integrated weather overlay. Situational awareness during route monitoring is supported by an integrated conning panel, look ahead zones, optional radar video overlay, or autopilot remote control with curved heading line display. Digital chart updates and T&Ps NTM eliminate time consuming maintaining of paper chart folios.

Furthermore, various data such as NAVTEX and AIS, which have formerly been located at separate panels on the bridge, can be integrated and displayed or operated on the Synapsis ECDIS screen. Together with Anschütz NP 5000 autopilots, the Synapsis ECDIS can also form a track control system category C.

In addition to IHO/IMO compliant vector electronic navigation charts (ENC), Synapsis ECDIS also displays raster charts (ARCS). Of course, Synapsis ECDIS complies with latest requirements including IEC 61174 Ed 4.0 and IHO Presentation Library Annex A Ed. 4.0 to S-52 Ed. 6.1.

Synapsis Workstations are available as a stand-alone system or as part of a multifunctional workstation in combination with type-approved radar, ECDIS and/or conning. All workstations are based on the innovative and advanced Synapsis NX system architecture, including the standardized, ultra-compact Small Marine Computer with fan-less design and solid-state disk, and allow for easy upgrades and extensions.

Facts & Features

  • Manual and automatic route planning function
  • ETA calculator, tidal prediction mode and optional weather chart overlay
  • Look ahead zones and advanced functions for route monitoring / anti-grounding
  • Display of NAVTEX messages / areas of danger, AIS and ARPA targets
  • AIS server function, chart / route server function
  • Support of Temporary and Preliminary (T&Ps) Notices to Mariners (NMs)
  • Track control Cat. C with Anschütz autopilots
  • Options: Radar video overlay, tender tracking, weather chart overlay
  • Integrated handling of sensor data, automatic selection of best data (CCRS)
  • Compliant with latest standards of IMO, IHO and IEC including IEC 61174 Ed.4.0 and IHO Presentation Library Annex A Ed. 4.0 to S-52 Ed. 6.1.
  • Online operator training acc. to STCW
  • Easy installation, low installation cost (Synapsis NX workstation)

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Synapsis Workstation for ECDIS

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