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NMEA Expander

Depending on the configuration, the Syberg NMEA Expander can be used in several environments.

With configuration NMEA_D (Daugther Board)

It is used as an expansion plug-on module to the Syberg Changeover Unit. It fits directly onto the male headers of J106, J206, J107, J207 and the bottom 4 positions of J500. NMEA 0183 inputs connected to this board are distributed onto input terminals of the Changeover Unit. This plug-on module replaces an external NMEA Expander and greatly simplifies installation.

With configuration NMEA_SA (Stand Alone)

It is used as a configurable, Stand Alone NMEA Expander.
Standard, pluggable terminals are used on the component side for terminals XJ106, XJ206, XJ107, XJ207 and XJ500. +24 V is supplied to XJ500 and the board may be operated as 2 galvanically separate systems.

The possible configurations are:

4 x 1 input to 4 outputs (2 in each galvanic system).
2 x 1 input to 8 outputs (1 in each galvanic system).
1 x 1 input to 16 outputs (The galvanic systems are interconnected).

If interconnected to a second NMEA_SA an additional configuration is possible:

1 x 1 input to 32 outputs

All IMO requirements are met or exceeded.

For more information, please download the instruction manual!

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