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NAVKITE is a compact, hybrid navigation system allowing military forces to operate in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. It provides accurate Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data and guarantees a secure and precise location, as well as detection of GPS-jamming or spoofing.

Navkite is a cutting-edge mobile navigation system developed by Safran Group in partnership with the French Special Forces. This innovative system is designed to provide precise navigation in GPS-denied areas, offering advanced features to enhance operational capabilities. Based on the combination of an inertial navigation unit (GEONYX M) with a resilient time and frequency source(VersaSync), NAVKITE provides accurate Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data and guarantees a secure and precise location.


  1. Geonyx: Geonyx is enabling highly accurate navigation even in challenging environments where GPS signals are compromised. It is specifically designed for speed boats, landing crafts, and amphibious vehicles.
  2. VersaSync: This high-performance GNSS master clock and network time server ensures the delivery of accurate, software-configurable time and frequency signals under all circumstances. VersaSync is engineered to function seamlessly in GNSS-denied environments, providing reliability in critical situations.
  3. Battery: Included in the Navkite system, the battery ensures continuous and reliable power supply for sustained operations when external power sources are unavailable.

Key Features:

  • Precise Navigation: Navkite facilitates extremely precise navigation in GPS-denied areas, meeting the stringent requirements of tactical and strategic operations.
  • Spoofing and Jamming Detection: The system is equipped to detect and counteract spoofing or jamming of GPS signals, enhancing operational security.
  • Geonyx M for Specialized Vehicles: Geonyx M is specifically designed for use in speed boats, landing craft, and amphibious vehicles. It offers two types of applications: navigation and pointing, making it versatile for various operational scenarios.
  • Versatile Applications: VersaSync, with its ability to function in GNSS-denied environments, serves as a reliable timekeeping solution for diverse applications, ensuring synchronization under challenging conditions.

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