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A low-cost, stand-alone Long Range Identification and Tracking solution

Inmarsat C has been chosen as the main on board LRIT data transmission platform, meaning the majority of vessels required to comply already have compatible equipment on board in the form of GMDSS or SSAS. However, it is predicted that approximately 20% of vessels carrying this equipment, for reasons of the equipment design or installation issues will not be able to use it for LRIT reporting.

There is also a certain percentage of vessels that for redundancy and operational efficiency reasons will choose not to utilise their existing on board equipment and instead choose to install a dedicated LRIT transceiver.

In light of the financial, technical and operational issues, Syberg offers a dedicated SAILOR LRIT mini-C transceiver. This highly reliable system, built to the same exacting standards as all SAILOR products guarantees low-cost, hassle-free compliance for the ship-owner/operator regardless of the ship’s flag.


The SAILOR TT-3000LRIT is a cost-effective, fit-and-forget system comprising just three parts:

  • Mini-C transceiver
  • Connection Cable
  • Pole Mount

Ease of installation is a key factor for standalone LRIT transceivers, and therefore the only thing needed to make the system operational, and make the vessel LRIT compliant is to connect the transceiver to power via the standard mini-C cable.

The transceiver is preloaded with a dedicated LRIT configuration that enables it to be used for LRIT only, ensuring stability and making it virtually tamper proof. To cater for every possible installation need, there is a choice of either a 20m or 50m connection cable.

  • SAILOR TT-3000LRIT 20m cable      
  • SAILOR TT-3000LRIT 50m cable

Once the SAILOR TT-3000LRIT is on board, owners and operators can be confident that their vessel is fully compliant with LRIT standards.

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