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The GMDSS A3 has been especially developed for reliable communication at sea, using the latest technology. Packaged in advanced design, all equipment is mounted together in one console for fast, easy installation.

The GMDSS A3 console comprises the operator units for MF/HF, 2 Inmarsat Mini C (incl. LRIT) with printer and 1 VHF. The second VHF delivered is part of the bridge console at the conning position. MF/HF radio and VHF control units come with DSC-controller. Both Inmarsat Mini C come with EGC. The console is completely prewired to minimize installation time and comprises power switch (main/emergency), power monitoring system and integrated emergency light.

Facts & Features

  • Easy, intelligent operation
  • Ruggedized compact design
  • Compact VHF/DSC-radio for conning position
  • Built-in DSC and DSC watch-keeping receiver
  • Integrated power monitoring
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Service doors for maintenance procedures


  • Inmarsat C:
    The Inmarsat Mini C (incl. LRIT) offers fast, reliable connections to any fax and data subscriber worldwide and/or directly to and from another Inmarsat Mini C unit. It supports all Inmarsat communication modes, including telex, X.25, e-mail, SMS and mobile-to-land fax services. The operation and control is done via the 10.4 inch message terminal / keyboard. Option: SSAS functionality kit.
  • MF/HF Radio telephone
    150 W or 250 W MF/HF radio telephones for professional communication with voice, DSC and radio-telex (option for 150 W and 250 W) into one unit. They have been designed and developed to cope with demands for reliable communication equipment under the tough conditions at sea.
  • VHF Radio telephone
    The RT 5022 VHF DSC is a VHF DSC Class A for the professional maritime market. The RT5020 VHF DSC Duplex is the professional duplex VHF in the same design. As the first VHF ever, the RT5022/RT5020 can store and replay incoming calls (up to 90 sec). Safety at sea is increased as a missed message can simply be heard again. Alarm muting button, large tactile buttons and tactile knobs for volume and squelch are standard features of the GMDSS A3 Station.

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