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Ecdis NX

Working with ECDIS has never been so easy!

An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) displays the information from Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and integrates multiple sensor information into a common display for maximum level of awareness.

The first „user-defined“ ECDIS application, designed under continuous feedback from navigators. This makes the ECDIS NX intuitive to operate and it effectively supports the daily tasks and use cases of navigators.

Key Benefits

Easy familiarization for crews

Intuitive to operate thanks to a modern, clear structured UI.

  • Multi-touch and intuitve interaction patterns like point-to-chart, drag and drop or retractable panels
  • Quick access bar and wizard guided workflows for standard use cases
  • Embedded online user manual and free online type-specific ECDIS training

Safe and efficient

Functions known from INS significantly contribute to safe navigation.

  • Optional integrated features, e.g. radar video overlay
  • Consistent use of qualified data and consistent alert handling
  • Navigators receive a validated picture of the prevalent situation for right decision making

Secure & futureproof investment

Ready for future: modular features and compliance with standards.

  • Future-proof hardware and operating system
  • Ongoing software compliance (e.g. new ECDIS test standards, such as S-100)
  • Growing scope of modular features, easy to update
  • Global service network in case you need help

Charts and standards

  • Chart formats / availability: S-57/S-63 ENCs, ARCS (option), BSB (option), DNC (option), military chart formats (option)
  • Type approved acc. to IEC 61174 Ed. 4.0 and IHO Presentation Library S-52 Annex A Edition 4.0 incl. DNV GL certificates
  • Type approved as Track Control System acc. to IEC 62065 Ed. 2 with Anschütz NP5400 / NP5500 autopilots
  • Compliant for paperless navigation in dual configuration

Main Features

Better situational awareness, less workload, ongoing compliance.

  • Retractable panels maximize view of the chart
  • Quick access bar for essential functions
  • Smart tools for voyage management, such as Wizard based route planning
  • ETA calculation and speed of advance (SAO) for individual waypoints
  • Graphical editing of routes, supported through intuitive interaction patterns
  • Editable look ahead zones for anti-collision, route monitoring and anti-grounding
  • Filtering tools to reduce unnecessary alarms
  • Support of Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)

Plus Feature

  • Optional chart formats (ARCS, BSB, DNC, Military)
  • Radar video overlay (RVO)
  • Geo objects events (ECA)
  • Search & rescue (SAR)
  • Electro-optical bearing (EOB) device
  • Target intercept
  • Charttable function

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