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Conning System

Anschütz NautoConning® is a centralised navigation data display that collects and presents important information for the command of the ship.

The NautoConning offers the comfort of having all relevant sensor information and navigation data at a glance and hence contributes to safe navigation in accordance with operator philosophy. NautoConning offers various functions that can be activated and configured by the operator as needed, depending on the situation and type of equipment. In addition, the Anschütz alarm management as part of the Conning comprises the handling, distribution and presentation of alarms and supports the navigators in their tasks to identify situations and to take appropriate action.

Captain's Display

The Captain’s Display is linked to the navigation network with a single wire connection. This allows the Captain’s Display to show various sensor data such as heading, position, rudder angle, rate-of-turn, depth, or speed. Furthermore Radar or ECDIS video can be included on the Captain’s Display to deliver a live picture of navigation.

The Captain’s Display can be installed at various locations on board. Thanks to an individual configurability, it is also possible to show selected navigational information at a glance not only in the Captain's cabin, but also within crew areas and even to passengers and guests on board.

Facts & Features

  • Central display of navigation data
  • Manual and automatic selection of navigation sensors (quality indication)
  • Different display modes with respect to different manoeuvring situations (track control, docking, navigation)
  • CCTV / IP camera integration
  • Full flexibility in configuration of individual display pages
  • Recorder (heading, rudder angle, rate-of-turn, depth)
  • Status indication for all devices and functions
  • Ethernet connection
  • Central printer
  • Alarm management for navigation equipment available
  • Remote displays in bridge wings
  • Various display sizes available

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Conning System

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