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CLETA - Electromagnetic speed log

The BEN Marine CLETA is a sea-proven electromagnetic speed log that provides precise speed measurements in real time.

CLETA measures longitudinal or longitudinal/lateral

speed through water.

It can display standard analog and bridge views as well

as other data such as speed-over-ground data from GPS

and the heading information.*

Easy-to-configure as all settings are available from

a single interface on a wide-angle color screen, easy

to access from any web browser through ethernet


The CLETA EM speed log consists of:

• One compact main cabinet

• One transducer

• One hull-fitting


• User-friendly interface

• Compact design

• GPS external input for assisted calibration

• Suitable for merchant and cruising ships, OPVs and

amphibious landing crafts

• Compatible with 48 mm, 65 mm and LENS BEN

Marine sensors.

• Wheelmark certified

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CLETA - Electromagnetic speed log

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