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Attitude & Heading Reference System

New generation Attitude and Heading Reference System for marine applications BlueNaute™ is an Attitude and Heading Reference System which offers service that is totally adapted to the needs of maritime navigation, in conformity with the obligations of the International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) treaty. BlueNaute™ relies on the technology of the Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope, or HRG.

The HRG takes advantage of the inertial characteristics of the vibratory plane of a resonating wave inside a miniature demi-sphere that is mechanically decoupled from the external world. It is extremely robust and experiences no mechanical wear, thereby giving it a virtually unlimited service life, unlike mechanical gyroscopes.

Initially used for space applications, it is the only technology to have never malfunctioned, after more than 18 million cumulative hours of operation. The HRG is thus the only technology that is both “maintenance-free” and ultra-reliable.

As it uses the inherent characteristics of the HRG, the BlueNaute™ navigation system requires no maintenance. It is without rival in terms of service life, reliability and operational availability. Thanks to its small size and insensitivity to harsh environments, BlueNaute™ may be easily integrated into all types of platforms. BlueNaute™ exists in the following versions:

For more information about the HRG technology, please download the brochure:

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