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ZMG-390 PRO Serial NMEA Ethernet Gateway

ZMG-390 Pro 9 channel NMEA multiplexer with ethernet gateway and CAN extender

ZMG-390 NMEA Multiplexer / Ethernet Gateway has 9ch serial ports, one ethernet and one CAN port. It simultaneously supports serial multiplexing, serial switch, serial-ethernet gateway, serial-CAN gateway and CAN-ethernet gateway.

ZMG-390 has NMEA 0183 to/from IEC 61162-450 gateway capability, which is useful for connecting non-networked equipment to IEC 61162-450 ship network.


Supported protocols

  • NMEA-0183
  • IEC61162-450
  • Modbus-ASCII
  • Modbus-RTU
  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and CAN



  • NMEA-0183 to/from Ethernet  (TCP/IP UDP) Gateway and Multiplexer (9ch Combiner)
  • Serial (Modbus-ASCII, Modbus-RTU  and General Binary Data) to/from Ethernet Gateway
  • Serial to/from Serial Converter  (Conversion of Baud rate, Data length, Parity and Stop bit)
  • Very high performance,  Simultaneous transmission / reception of all channels at 230400bps
  • Cluster mode: combine and switch  up to 32ch serial
  • NMEA-0183 to/from IEC61162-450  (LWE: Light Weight Ethernet) Gateway
  • CAN (NMEA2000) to/from Ethernet  Gateway
  • CAN (NMEA2000) to/from Serial  Gateway


Block Diagram


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ZMG-390 PRO Serial NMEA Ethernet Gateway

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