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NavStation - the digital chart table

NAVTOR NavStation software integrates all digital navigational data for optimal on screen presentation to plan and organize a safe, secure and economical voyage. NAVTOR NavStation is a giant leap in the evolution of e-Navigation.

NavStation with 46" touch monitor

NavStation combines unique software with an optional 46" ‘gigapad’ touch device, giving navigators an intuitive and userfriendly interface to plan optimal vessel routes.

The software gathers and overlays the data navigators require – including ENCs, weather data, tidal information, digital publications, and other services like piracy updates – on a single screen. Users can then grab, swipe and manoeuvre the layers on the giant touch pad to unlock a new e-navigation reality.

NavStation on your desktop or laptop

The NavStation software, which also operates on standard personal computers has been in development for the past year, with a series of successful trial installations undertaken with shipowners based in Norway. NavStation utilises NAVTOR’s market leading ENC service as its ‘base layer’. Subscribers can then add and integrate additional NAVTOR e-Navigation products and services, including weather overlay, All Admiralty’s digital products and publications, as well as services like piracy or iceberg updates. It’s a unique route-planning tool and an easy way to really seize the great potential e-navigation offers.

For more information, please download the brochure!

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NavStation - the digital chart table

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