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Gyro Compass Std 22 NX

The Standard 22 NX is a gyro compass, a nonmagnetic compass that uses a motor-driven gyroscope to indicate true north. Raytheon Anschütz designed the Standard 22 NX for high accuracy, reliability and operational safety even under harshest environmental conditions for all kind of ships. With interfaces for serial data, Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management it offers easy installation and integration.

The upmost in reliability is offered by Standard 22 NX thanks to its use of unique sensor technology and a robust design that reduces environmental influence (i.e. shocks, vibrations). The high accuracy and reliability of heading information has been proven in over 15 years and more than 20,000 installations.

·  Inductive and optical data transmission, no slip rings

·  Unique resistant design reduces environmental influence

·  Installed by use of standard cabling (redundant CAN bus)

·  Webserver functionality for configuration, software update and diagnosis

·  Setup is possible by uploading a configuration file

·  High accuracy of 0.4° sec lat rms (in average)

·  Integration of up to four sensors, including third-party compasses

·  CAN bus based real time network with up to 400m cable length

Standard 22 NX interfaces

Standard 22 NX interfaces

Standard 22 NX provides heading and rate-of-turn as serial data. Rate-of-turn indicators can be connected directly to Standard 22 NX. All data is also available on two Ethernet interfaces. The compliance to the Ethernet standard IEC61162-450 ensures that the Radar, ECDIS, etc. can be connected. Standard 22 NX is also compliant to Bridge Alert Management (BAM). A Central Alert Management (CAM) display can be connected via Ethernet or serial data.

Intelligent system features

Standard 22 NX is compliant to Bridge Alert Management standards. Alerts are prioritized and presented in a consistent manner on the operator unit. Standard 22 NX allows also to transfer the alerts to a Central Alert Management (CAM) display for a central alert presentation on the bridge. Alerts can be acknowledged bidirectional, from the operator unit and the CAM display.

The independent TMC path ensures that a failure in the gyrocompass system does not affect the processing of the magnetic heading. With this function, various flag state authorities no longer require an optical bypass for the magnetic compass onboard of the vessel, resulting in cost savings for the shipyard and the ship owner.

Speed and latitude data are provided by sensors or entered manually via the operator unit. The individual speed error correction function ensures that a failure in a log or GPS receiver only affects the heading of one gyro compass. Thus subsequent systems such as dynamic positioning systems are able to detect a heading error caused by an incorrect latitude or speed information at an early stage.

Modular system architecture

Standard 22 NX heading management system

Standard 22 NX heading management system

This system allows to connect up to three gyro compasses and integrates a magnetic compass or GNSS compass. 12 serial outputs are available in addition to the 4 outputs of Standard 22 NX for the connection of heading receivers, such as repeaters, autopilots, radars and others. Sensor selection is done with the operator unit. The threshold for a heading difference between different compasses can be defined by the user and is continuously monitored. Thanks to the CAN bus the wiring effort between the compass components is reduced to a minimum.

Standard 22 NX heading management system with redundancy in distribution

Standard 22 NX heading management system with redundancy in distribution

This system provides a redundancy of the distribution system in addition to the redundancy of compasses. No single failure in this configuration causes a loss of heading information to the connected heading receivers. Such a system (with two gyros) is compliant to the demanding class notations such as DNVGL NAUT-OSV/OC/AW, LRIBS or ABS NIBS.


Type approval & standards

·  Compliance to Ethernet data communication according to IEC 61162-450.

·  IMO approved: standard and high-speed crafts and as rate-of-turn gyro

·  Compliance to Bridge Alert Management (BAM) standards



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